MEC is a construction company based in South Africa, founded by entrepreneur who have years of experience in the construction industry. The company specializes in all major class of works in the construction industry.

The focus of the company is on both large and small scale projects. Our operational theatre is nationwide in South Africa and also in other African and International countries.

We are a cut above the rest thanks to our ongoing and constant drive on self improvement. We work extra hard to ensure the balance between quantity and quality are met in such a way that our client’s satisfaction exceeds their best expectations.


MEC is a construction company that not only focuses on development of construction sites but also in the development of communities and people in our operational theatres.


The company will strive to:

”  Our quality of work will always be the benchmark in the industry

”  To ensure professionalism in all our activities

”  To build long term relationships with clients

”  To go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction

”  To constantly self evaluate all our activities and to constantly improve ourselves to ensure we lead the way by example

”  To develop and motivate our employees to assist them in becoming all that they can be.

”  To place trust as a priority in all our dealings

”  To build a name as an affordable, dependable, high quality and on time construction company.


Our business objectives will be to:

”  Create permanent jobs for local people and to train them to obtain technical required skills to be employable on future job opportunities

”  To not only expand our company interest but to play a key role in the development of country and its people.

”  To build as sustainable reputation as a company that delivers high quality services on time.

”  To play an integral part in the development of local and the national economy


  • The company’s management philosophy is based on mutual respect, loyalty and honesty.
  • MEC’s Key focus is on developing a long term and sustainable enterprise that will stand the test of time and that will benefit future generations
  • Ensuring that each and every individual is well informed of what is expected of him/her and that all employees are goal and task orientated in their responsible area to ensure that as a team we will excel.