Quality Service Policy

—”The company shall ensure, through its management, that every effort is directed towards achieving and meeting our clients desired quality goals

—”The company shall work in accordance with clients quality systems, ensuring the specified requirement are achieved for all company’s services

—”Quality officer will be responsible for maintaining quality control procedures in their areas and ensuring line supervision commitment and awareness of requirements. Accounting for possible quality failures will rest with the manager in charge.

—”The company will strive to the implementation of all business requirements and quality standards

—”Internal quality audits will be conducted from time to time to ensure the highest possible quality standards


Affirmative Action Policy

—”We as a company are committed to support the government initiative with regard to a new labor law and the development of previous disadvantaged communities and individuals.

—”As part of our policy, we undertake to offer training to previously disadvantage and unemployed personnel from local communities, and assist in skill transfer.

—”We believe that our policy would contribute to a more stable and prosperous economy within our local community and within the broader South Africa


Safety and Environment

MEC considers safety as the utmost important issue in the daily working hours of the company.

MEC employees and management are committed to:

—”Providing a safe work environment to protect employees, the customers and subcontractors and the public

—”Continuously improving the company’s safety program to reduce the risk of accidents and occupational illness in         a changing work environment

—”Encouraging employees to participate in accident prevention program and take personal responsibility for their           co-worker’s health and safety.

—”Employing trained personnel and enforce procedures necessary to enable regulatory compliance and contribution       to the high safety standards.

—”Monitoring the workplace, enforcing safe work practice and communicating the company’s safety performance to       employees and other stakeholders

—”Making safety a value added service that the company provides to the customers